Water Shortage


Water affects nearly every way of life in the United States from hygiene and business to drinking water. According to the GAO, nearly 37 states have a problem with fresh water to provide their citizens and business for those purposes. The struggle to provide fresh water has led drought-ridden states like California to create programs like the Sustainable Groundwater Management Program and the California Water Plan. The states are not alone in this effort—for example, the Department of the Interior is “investing $1 billion in America’s water infrastructure." CFER encourages states and the federal government to incentivize local municipalities, governments, businesses, and citizens to do all that they can to conserve water through common sense policies geared towards encouraging that behavior. A good model for U.S. cities is Victoria, British Columbia, Canada's Rainwater Rewards Program, which provides up to a $75,000 rebate for the use of sustainable collection of water operations. We believe that businesses can also do more to conserve water and help end our water shortage through water collection and using only as much water as required for their business. Paired with incentivizing citizens and businesses, these plans by the state and federal government will conserve our precious water resources and bring us closer to eliminating our water shortage.