Conservatives for Environmental Reform's Statement on the National Park Service Legacy Act of 2017

Seattle, WA — Conservatives for Environmental Reform has released the following statement:

Conservatives for Environmental Reform would like to offer its endorsement of H.R. 2584, the National Park Service Legacy Act of 2017, introduced by Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX). The National Park service has been consistently underfunded in recent years, which has led to a substantial backlog of unfinished maintenance projects. This bipartisan bill is a welcome improvement to our National Parks Service and is been overdue for quite some time.

H.R. 2584 gradually increases funding for the National Parks Service and sets baseline funding for the next 30 years. The funding is exclusively earmarked for improving or maintaining historical monuments, visitor safety and experience, in addition to improving the accessibility of national parks. These projects are necessary to make sure every American has the opportunity to experience America’s natural wonders. The National Parks Service Legacy Act of 2017 also encourages public-private partnership and outlines guidelines for how private citizens can assist in funding the maintenance of America’s natural parks. These provisions highlight that the fight to maintain these national parks rests on both the Federal government and charitable citizens.

It is also significant to note that all funding for this legislation will be provided by mineral revenues collected by the Federal government. At CFER, we understand the importance of limiting mineral extraction on Federal land; however, the most appropriate use of these funds is direct environmental conservation which this bill accomplishes.