Conservatives for Environmental Reform Statement on Brock Long's Confirmation To Become FEMA Administrator

Seattle, WA — Conservatives for Environmental Reform has released the following statement:

We are pleased that the Senate has finally confirmed Brock Long to be Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  One of President Trump's most qualified nominees, Mr. Long has spent the majority of his career in emergency management.  He will not be a stranger to the Agency, as he once served as FEMA's Regional Hurricane Planner and Response Team Leader.

CFER advocates for greater state and local control in environmental policy, and Mr. Long has indicated he intends to send funds to local governments to oversee their disaster relief.  Simply put: local governments know more about how to fix their problems than unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.  As a former Administrator of Alabama's Emergency Management Agency, we are optimistic Mr. Long will give more responsibility to the individuals who are best suited to address their communities' needs. In his confirmation hearing, Mr. Long remarked how FEMA has been regressively reactive, instead of taking a proactive approach—we expect that will change under his leadership.

Despite Long’s numerous and indisputable qualifications, he wasn’t confirmed until months after President Trump’s nomination. This means Mr. Long will assume his post well into hurricane season—a handicap that could cost both money and lives. We hope Administrator Long’s confirmation is a harbinger for normal order in the Senate confirmation process—key posts in multiple federal emergency management agencies remain unfilled, in large part due to obstructionist policies pursued by Senate Democrats. If they continue to play politics instead of working to ensure key federal agencies are adequately staffed, they running the risk of leaving Americans nationwide without federal aid or assistance during times of natural disasters.