Conservatives for Environmental Reform Statement on ACT NOW

Seattle, WA — Conservatives for Environmental Reform has released the following statement:

CFER is excited to announce that we have signed ACT NOW's carbon pricing initiative based in Washington state. CFER is supportive of a revenue neutral and gradual carbon pricing strategy. So long as the proposal allows sufficient time for businesses to adjust to the change and keeps the tax relatively low, a carbon pricing initiative fits well within our conservative values.Carbon pricing, in some form, is supported by 54% of Republicans and the majority of economists. It is crucial that conservatives continue to embrace this idea and move the conversation forward. Alternative liberal proposals institute a far-reaching tax hike that would harm taxpayers and inhibit economic growth. Carbon pricing is not only a fiscally conservative approach to environmental responsibility, but also offers strong benefits for taxpayers simultaneously.

CFER Founder and President Benji Backer said the following: “As long as the carbon pricing initiative in Washington state is approached from the right perspective, we believe it is the best way to reduce emissions, all while promoting conservative values."

CFER advocates for free market solutions to environmental challenges. In line with this core part of our organization's mission, we are proud to join other conservative environmental groups in supporting the ACT NOW initiative.