CFER Statement on EPA Administrator Pruitt’s CPAC and President Trump’s Joint Session of Congress Speeches

March 2, 2017

Seattle, WA – Conservatives for Environmental Reform released the following statement:

At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt laid out a bold agenda to restore federalism to the agency. He spoke about the agency's need to meet its requirements set by Congress. "We are not going to bypass lawmaking. We are going to do the work Congress said that we must do to advance those issues," he said.

On Tuesday, in his first Joint Session of Congress, President Trump vowed to protect "clean air and clean water," two vital functions of the EPA. According to The Hill, the President is considering a 24% cut to the EPA's budget. Administrator Pruitt has stated that he is "concerned" with such drastic quotes. We strongly urge the President, who ran on his ability to hire people and delegate responsibilities, to take Pruitt's advice. The EPA performs many vital functions, and such budget cuts would hurt its ability to do so.

CFER Founder and President Benji Backer said the following: "The EPA plays a vital role in protecting our nation's wildlife, land, resources, and environment. The next few years are arguably some of the most important when it comes to our nation's environment. With our current energy, resource, and water shortage problems, the EPA couldn't be more necessary. A stripped EPA will cause some of the most crucial parts of our economy and livelihood to be threatened. While there are problems within the agency, we must reform the EPA instead of minimizing it.".