CFER Statement Announcing First Four Advisory Board Members

March 7, 2017

Seattle, WA – Conservatives for Environmental Reform released the following statement:

CFER is excited to announce the addition of former senior EPA official Brent Fewell, Citizens Climate Lobby Conservative Director Peter Bryn, R Street President Eli Lehrer, and Washington Initiative 732 Founder Yoram Bauman as founding members of our advisory board

"We are delighted and honored to announce the first four CFER advisory board members," said CFER Founder and President Benji Backer. "Each member has done significant work nationwide to instill conservative and pro-environment solutions. We look forward to having their guidance and support." 

"It’s extremely encouraging to witness the next generation of American conservative leadership embrace the environment as an important issue," Fewell stated in an online post last week.

"Many conservatives are seeking a home to express their concern for the significant conservation issues of our time" said Bryn. "That is why the mission of CFER and other 'eco-right' organizations is so important: to empower and educate conservatives who have been left out of this discussion to get back to the negotiating table and participate in the search for solutions."

"For far too long, groups working to get young people interested in environmental issues have focused on cumbersome, big-government solutions," said Lehrer. "Such solutions rarely work and always cost more than they should. Conservatives for Environmental Reform promises a new approach that I am delighted to endorse and thrilled to support." 

Backer also added: "While Conservatives for Environmental Reform is led by millennial activists nationwide, we are thrilled to have the guidance from some of our nation's top conservative and pro-environment leaders."

CFER will be announcing more members in the coming weeks. Please see the full advisory board here.