In every corner of our country, Americans of all ages and backgrounds share in outdoor sporting opportunities that are among the best in the world.  Our country’s rich traditions of hunting and fishing have been handed down from generations of explorers and pioneers, and today conservatives honor this heritage—whether our trophies are elk, trout, or simply photographs.

American sporting opportunities are at risk, however. An irresponsible patchwork of planning and permitting threatens our favorite forests, fields and streams. Conservatives for Environmental Reform is working to support steady, consistent management that will protect these spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Even where their habitats aren’t shrinking, our fish and game populations are struggling to contend with air and water pollution that harms their food supplies and their young. Carbon pollution is a special threat, confronting our saltwater fish with acidifying oceans and our land-based species with worsening droughts and forest fires. Just as George H.W. Bush protected our wild spaces from acid rain through an innovative market-based approach in the 1980s, we are determined to not be the generation that lets these resources fail.

Conservatives for Environmental Reform is dedicated to supporting collaborative, responsible approaches that include state, federal, nonprofit and private stakeholders. We are determined to responsibly protect our sporting lands, control the pollution that threatens our fish and game, and ensure that our children and grandchildren can continue to experience all the same sporting experiences we have treasured.