Conservatives for Environmental Reform is proud to have endorsements from some of the nation's top conservative leaders.

Employer names are included for identification purposes only; they are not an endorsement from the organization as a whole.

Conservatives for Environmental Reform shows that young people can both be interested in protecting the environment and interested in protecting humanity’s prosperity.
— Ben Shapiro - Editor in Chief, dailywire.com

The future belongs to those who can offer solutions to the challenges at hand. Young conservatives have a charge to keep when it comes to offering solutions that will work for climate change.
— Bob Inglis - Former U.S. Representative, South Carolina

There is nothing ‘conservative’ about playing a high stakes game of dice with the planet. Nor is there anything ‘free market’ about trading human health and property rights away simply because polluters will gain more profit in the course of those rights violations. Conservatives for Environmental Reform is a good place for those on the right to reconnect with the principles that made them conservatives in the first place.
— Jerry Taylor - President, Niskanen Center

As a lifelong conservative, I am pleased to join this effort. A balanced, fiscally-responsible approach to environmental stewardship is important for our nation, and I look forward to continuing to help advance these principles among fellow conservatives across America.
— Justin Stokes - Director of Legislative Affairs, National Audubon Society

For far too long, groups working to get young people interested in environmental issues have focused on cumbersome, big-government solutions. Such solutions rarely work and always cost more than they should. Conservatives for Environmental Reform promises a new approach that I am delighted to endorse and thrilled to support.
— Eli Lehrer - President, R Street Institute

Many conservatives are seeking a home to express their concern for the significant conservation issues of our time. Challenges like water management and climate change have real consequences on families and our national security, and grassroot conservatives are seeking policy solutions that align with their value set. That is why the mission of CFER and other ‘eco-right’ organizations is so important: to empower and educate conservatives who have been left out of this discussion to get back to the negotiating table and participate in the search for solutions.
— Peter Bryn - Conservative Director, Citizens' Climate Lobby

I’m proud to support Conservatives for Environmental Reform because I’m inspired by college students taking action, getting involved in government, and doing their part for a better Republican Party.
— Jay Faison CEO, ClearPath Foundation