Conservatives for Environmental Reform is proud to have endorsements from some of the nation's top conservative leaders.

Employer names are included for identification purposes only; they are not an endorsement from the organization as a whole.

Conservatives for Environmental Reform shows that young people can both be interested in protecting the environment and interested in protecting humanity’s prosperity.
— Ben Shapiro - Editor in Chief, dailywire.com

For far too long, groups working to get young people interested in environmental issues have focused on cumbersome, big-government solutions. Such solutions rarely work and always cost more than they should. Conservatives for Environmental Reform promises a new approach that I am delighted to endorse and thrilled to support.
— Eli Lehrer - President, R Street Institute

I’m proud to support Conservatives for Environmental Reform because I’m inspired by college students taking action, getting involved in government, and doing their part for a better Republican Party.
— Jay Faison CEO, ClearPath Foundation