Climate Change


Climate change is an incredibly important issue that deserves much attention and debate; however, it’s not one of our main platform points. While it may seem odd for an environmental group to omit the general topic of climate change, there are several core reasons why we’ve left it out.

Our core reason for omitting climate change is its recent surge to the forefront of almost every conversation regarding the environment. Because of our incredibly divided political culture, the climate change debate has been spinning in circles with polarizing debate. At CFER, we don’t want to get stuck only debating whether climate change exists—that’s not a good use of our time. We focus on real, tangible solutions that better the environment.

Across the U.S., there are many environmental organizations that advocate for general climate change reforms. These organizations have a tendency to alienate people who might want to help the environment, but also don’t want their lives flipped upside down for minimal environmental gain. Since there are not enough groups advocating for the other important environmental issues, we believe we have the unique opportunity to fill that void. 

When CFER was founded we decided if we had to exclude climate change as one of our core issues in order to achieve our goals of sane, feasible, and effective environmental reforms, then that’s what we’d do—and we've done it.