Basic Overview of Our Platform

In addition to activism and education, Conservatives for Environmental Reform is working hard to push environmentally friendly policies with a free-market approach on a subnational level. As we continue our launch, we will continue to add policy positions, push candidates who care about environmental policy, and support pro-environmental reforms.


rural/urban farming

One of the most important segments of our American economy and way of life is our farming industry. Recent studies show an increasing need for urban agriculture with many of America’s rural farmers moving towards the cities. Additionally, cities are booming across the country in general, which results in heightened demand for food. With an estimated 70% of the world population being urban by 2050, CFER encourages cities across the country to allot land to urban farming organizations and businesses.


Water shortage

Water affects nearly every way of life in the United States from hygiene, business to drinking water. According to the GAO, nearly 37 states have a problem with fresh water to provide their citizens and business for those purposes. CFER encourages states and the federal government to incentivize local municipalities, governments, businesses, and citizens to do all that they can to conserve water through common sense policies geared towards encouraging that behavior. 

alt energy.jpg

ALternative energy

Conservation and environmental protection have become mainstream political priorities worldwide. The race to discover newer, more efficient types of energy is well underway, and it is time the United States takes the necessary steps to become the energy juggernaut of the 21st century. By proposing federal legislation to incentivize alternative forms of energy, the United States can reinvigorate its energy markets and make them more competitive than ever before. The most efficient and economically beneficial alternative forms of energy that the United States should pursue are solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and alternative biofuels.


Carbon pricing

A BP statistical review concluded that in 2015 the world reached an all-time high for fossil fuel consumption. In order to heal our atmosphere and control global temperatures, we need all 50 states to act and craft a policy that will help us reach a solution. CFER proposes that individual states’ enact Revenue-Neutral Carbon Pricing, in which traditional revenue systems, whether business profits tax, state income tax, or sales tax are decreased and offset by carbon pricing per metric ton. Additionally, we suggest that there also be financial incentives meeting emissions thresholds set by quadrennium.



Many of our natural resources and fragile ecosystems exist on private lands. CFER will work to encourage states to institute tax credits for the donation or leasing of conservation land to permanently protect natural resources, wildlife, and land of public interest.



Our oceans produce over 50% of the oxygen we breathe, and is home to incredible plant and animal life. We support maintaining executive protections to the Outer Continental Shelf from offshore drillings along the Pacific, Atlantic, Eastern Gulf, and Arctic coastlines and encourage the reinstatement of the now-expired Congressional Moratorium banning such practices.



Our forest cover has begun stabilizing over the last century, but in order to produce more oxygen, further restore timber areas, and increase carbon sequestration, we—in addition to maintaining existing USDA tax credits—encourage states to institute (or further incentivize) Reforestation Tax Credits.



Conservatives for Environmental Reform is dedicated to supporting collaborative, responsible approaches that include state, federal, nonprofit and private stakeholders. We are determined to responsibly protect our sporting lands, control the pollution that threatens our fish and game, and ensure that our children and grandchildren can continue to experience all the same sporting experiences we have treasured.